Monday, March 21, 2011

My Job

To put it short, I'm not a fan of my job. Some days it can be good, while others it can be bad. Just like any job really.

The parts I dislike however is that I have to work 6 days a week with the SAME EXACT people. You could say they're like family cause there's times I love them, and times I "dislike" them. Probably because of the amount of time we spend with each other. For one, when it comes to what I want to do with my life and how to get there, not very supportive. Not to say I need their support but when holding that stuff in for so long or getting negative criticism everytime it's brought up, it can get say the least.

Not to mention they can't take anything they dish out. I'm I guess what you'd call the "pick-on-buddy". It doesn't bother me cause I can take it and don't take it personally. I love laughing at myself. It's never a matter of "not sticking up for myself" cause ultimately I don't care and if they do say something offensive, I call them out on it. BUT, whenever I make a joke towards them or call them out on something, that could be the SAME scenario or situation as something they've done to me, they get offended and pissed. Not to mention they act immature about the whole situation by dropping comments that are below the belt....and they know it. I constantly use this as motivation to get out and into a job I love doing.

Bottom line, this is me venting. I don't like to complain about these things cause I feel like when it's actually spoken, it sounds silly. So I'm writing it down...or typing I guess.