Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Whom it May Concern

I sit here with my hands through my hair
Leaning over my desk listening to the music
As my emotions dance on the notes of the melody.
My chest hurts
My stomach turns
My body lifeless
And my breathing heavy
For my anticipation and eagerness are like two kids
In search of a treasure
A treasure worth far more than silver or gold
A treasure not easily found but often sought after
An emotion
A feeling
An action
One word that is used too often or used too little


I sit here re-living the scenes of the cliche love stories
As the music fades in and out
And I can't help but think of that word


A word so powerful and poetic
That it can bring a man to his knees
Or a tear from her eyes.
My thoughts surround the word
And my patience grows thin.
Though I don't know you
I want to
More often than not
I lie awake imagining those moments
Those moments you read in stories
Those moments you see in movies
Those moments I'm with you
And everything is perfect.
I long to look into those eyes I'm meant to look into
And to lightly grab the tip of your chin
To tell you those 3 words I will tell you everyday
For as long as your heart beats.
I pray I am given the chance to treat you as a unique flower
Grown in the Garden of Eden
And that no matter what is said or done
Those 3 words will never be lost.
I promise to honor you
And to keep you in sickness and in health
Remaining faithful to you for as long as
You and I
Both shall live.
But yet I do not know you
And I am brought back down to my desk
Listening to the sounds of melodies that
Surround my lifeless body and the hands in my hair.
I am left with the thought of another cliche
And a sick stomach.
So I sit here writing this for you
With a half smirk on my face
Knowing that those moments will come
And that i'll be here waiting for them
While preparing myself for you.
So with that said
This is
To Whom It May Concern