Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tweet My SpaceBook

A few days ago a friend and myself got on the topic of today's most well known social networks.
This conversation led to the term "Legitimacy" and how it's an important aspect of these social webspaces. If you notice on Myspace, kids from the ages of 10-15 tend to exagerate a little when it comes to their age. Why? Because of the female sex primarily. If they see a picture of a hot breezy but notice that they're age, or the age they CLAIM to be, is quite a bit older then they are inspired to "exagerate" their age a little in hopes of this "Heaven on Earth" to take an interest in them. Though the profile pic always throws them for a loop. 
Because of these known occurences, Myspace's Legitimacy has decreased 17%, occording to the LSS (Legit Shit Statistics) in this year alone. And it has not gone down just because of the age gage abusers.
Over 15,600 pedifials have joined myspace in the last 2 years (numbers may be slightly embellished). I mean with all the cases of grown men looking at younger girls or boys it would only be a matter of time til the Legitimacy of Myspace was to drop significantly. It's too sick of a thought when thinking that there's a chance that a man old enough to fart dust could be looking at your picture and creating his own music video to "Afternoon Delight".
So for all you people wanting to get a Myspace account, check the LSS statistics first then weigh out the pros and cons.

As far as Facebook goes a majority of all social networking artists use Facebook more than Myspace. This is because of the useful easy features it comes with. The Facebook chat was a hit when it came out. Rosie O' Donal commented, "Facebook chat is....". Though the rest of the quote was lost, "Facebook chat" was still commented on and no one would argue with the infamous Betty Rubbel. Other fun useful features are the games you can play with other friends or subscribers. These would include Texas Hold Em' matches, Mafia Wars, and the well known "You poke me then i'll poke you" routine. You can just smell the Legitimacy rising. 
But why is it so Legit? Why do people not question your age, taste in music, or favorite movies on Facebook. Simple. It's a majority decision. People know the ratio of people that lie to people that don't on Facebook and it's simply not negotiable. It's too low to even be discussed. 

And Twitter. My opinion on Twitter is simply this. It's a cop-out of Facebook statuses. Tweeter McTweeterson over here knew the high Legitimacy rating of Facebook and decided to make a website simply devoted to Statuses. Brilliant yet cliche'. But I can't complain because I have a Twitter and it's addicting.

I cannot begin to to even write out the entire conversation of my friend and me because the depth could not be obtained by this Toshiba computer. 
All I want, nay NEED to say is this:

Tweet My SpaceBook

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Awake While Sleeping

He looks at himself in the mirror every night to see what's changed
Though not all change is growth, all growth is change
So he leaves his body to explore the depth of his past
And hopes that growth has encompassed him like a mother over her child
Praying that one night he may be able to sleep with both eyes closed
Knowing that he could look at himself in the mirror 
Before the gates of guilt clasped shut
Because God knows how many nights were spent 
With both eyes open
And heart beating parallel
To the pain of a lost love
Or a love lost.
So while the body stands staring at its reflection
The mind wanders. 
But the same baggage finds its way back to his shoulders
Leaving him winded 
And asking questions with no answers.
Though it's always the same 2 burdens with one for each shoulder 
And each one so heavy, 
it drags him to his knees crying out for safety.
Safety from himself and the heart he carries.
For he is his own deciever and enemy
And the only one who can control what his heart feels
And what it doesn't.
His knees scarred from the time spent down
His voice hoarse from how long he's screamed
His shoulders sore from the weight of confessions
"I don't want it to be like this!" he screams
Knowing he is heard but questioning what will be done
While he kneels there weeping of what his life has become.
A life of guilt,
A life without passion,
A life of questioning.
Questioning if he truly believes
And if he really does why doesn't he try harder?
Why doesn't he seek harder?
Why is his love supressed by laziness?
And why is he questioning his stance on something
That shouldn't keep his eyes from closing?
It's simple
He is desiring what is most desired
But he can't speak because of what might be lost
Words of confession might ruin what's already good
So he keeps the strap tight on his shoulder
Letting the bag hang close to his heart.
He wishes there was another way
A better way
But because of the known knock of Heartbreak
The bag dangles
So the mind turns back to the body after looking back
On what's looked on so often
And after what seems like an eternity
Of staring into the depths of his past
And the hopes of his future
He walks towards the bed
Knowing He will be awake while sleeping

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sound of My Melody

I wish I could spill my secret but there's too much at risk. 
But isn't life about risks? 
Maybe, though this is more than a game of Jeopardy. 
So what do I do? 
Do I keep going from day to day living with this hidden confession buried within my chest? 
Or do I unlock this burden and swallow the key? 
I can't decide with Fear yelling in my face. 
And when I try to yell back my voice is lost in the sounds of questions. 
"What if it doesn't work?" 
"What if it's true?" 
"What will happen if I try?" 
So I come upon a T in the road. 
Do I go right? 
Or do I go left?
I turn to friends but they are no help because loyalty is usually conquered by gossip
So I stand the middle of the road...hoping...praying I don't get run over by Opportunity
If I decide to go right great experiences may lie but heartbreak could be lerking under the bridge
If I decide to go left I may avoid a disaster or turn away from what is most longed for
I wish there were signs to direct me to a path worth choosing
But there aren't.
There are only signs of confusion.
I ask myself why this is so hard
This shouldn't be that big of a deal
But it is.
Because it deals with matters of the heart
My heart doesn't want to be another face on a totem pole
It wants to be a rose among thorns
A melody among sounds
A note among chords
So is the road to the right worth it?
Is it worth the consequences that may lie ahead?
There's only one way to know. 
Follow the sound of the melody